Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Q: Where do I get greasepaint (make up) for halloween? My boys want to be the blue man group!

Mesa, AZ

A: This stuff you wont usually find in stores.
(Though if you were in UT, I would know exactly where to send you!)

What you're looking for is an oil-based make-up. You will find many "cake foundations" and those will work, but they will look dry and crack within a few minutes even.
I would say if you were going to go with the best stuff possible: Ben Nye.
He's the real theatrical makeup guru. Next would be Mehron, and then maybe Jim Howle. If you were to google those, you'd find the best blues with that nice and shiny wet-look you are going for because they make a great oil-based foundation (generally used for clown make-up...etc.)

Certain party/costume stores may carry Ben Nye actually, so I would call around, but if you want to I found a few online as well:

Your only problem now will be getting them here in time for the big day!

Online-wise, here are a few options:

Halloween Costume World
Price for blue make-up only: $2.99
Shipping for 1-day express: $24

Costumes of Nashua
Price for a "blue man" kit (comes with latex bald cap, blue gloves...etc. and a great castor-oil based paint): $32.99
Shipping for 1-Day express: roughly $10-12?

Tips & Secrets: When you order this, whether in the store or online, I would be sure to purchase some "color guard spray". This goes on the bare skin before you go to town with the foundation so their faces don't turn blue for a few days. There is also a "color set powder" that you will use to set the paint so it doesn't rub off all over everything as badly. So your best bet would be party stores, or maybe even a Sally's Beauty Supply...

I hope that helps! Let me know if you need anything else!

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Anonymous said...

Any practical ways of making your own greasepaint? Also, what color-guard sprays are you referring to?