Saturday, November 1, 2008

Need a new pumpkin recipe?

"Do you have any new pumpkin recipes for Thanksgiving?
I would like to try something different this year."

-K B
North Salt Lake, UT

a recipe for you.... and a give away too!!

here is a quick one to start.
we like to call this one "buy & lie" because it is
semi-homemade and so easy but very tasty and always a hit.

easy pumpkin mousse pie
(buy and lie)

1 pre-baked pumpkin pie from the grocery store bakery
1 8oz tub of cool whip

into a large bowl scoop out the filling of the pumpkin pie. be careful to scoop only the filling, leaving the crust in tact.
add the cool whip and wisk together completely. spread “mousse” into the pie shell and refrigerate. top with additional cool whip if desired.

this mousse filling is great in
crepes or as a mousse on it’s own.

secrets & tips: the recipe also works very well with sugar free pumpkin pie and sugar free cool whip. awesome. husband said i scored with this one!

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Stephanie said...

dear "the booth" . . .

am i imagining things, or did this post used to say:

(stay tuned: we will tell you what that "giveaway" will entail soon!
you won't be disappointed!)

i'm confused . . .